“I was completely captivated from my first trip to Sapa. The road leading to Sapa runs across an area with gorgeous scenery …
The valley between Fansipan Mountain and Sapa Plateau is as beautiful as Pyreness Valley in Spain…”

“The Resort” – Hautefeuille


Hotel Cat Cat Galerie d’Art was built with an idea of a gallery that recreates the development of Sapa via the European architectural language in harmony with the indigenous colors, oil paintings of famous artists up to the sophisticated and elaborate sculptures on glass often found in majestic ancient constructions in France, Italy, and Spain.

As one of the early hotels which was developed in Sapa, Cat Cat Galerie d’Art was expanded and spread along the rocky slopes, brings tourists up to a space with a panoramic view of the Cat Cat valley and Hoang Lien Son Range Mountain.  Staying here, on the clear sunny days, tourists can watch the sunrise from Muong Hoa valley and sunset at the top of legendary Fansipan Mountain.


Afternoon tea party watching the sunset at the top of Fansipan
Outdoor photo exhibition in Sapa space
Performing arts flair bartender at Tsaoko Pub


Free breakfast
Check-in satisfaction


Sky Villa Full House

Sky Villa Full House is similar to a “elevated villa,” with a big living room, separate dining space, and pleasant bedroom, as well as panoramic views of Sapa that are both majestic and poetic.

Super Deluxe

The Super Deluxe accommodation brings travellers to Sapa paradise, with bright primary hues. Each Super Deluxe room features a classic exquisite decor with a vibrant Indochinese style, all organised in harmony for optimal comfort.


The Deluxe rooms are the places where tourists can immerse themselves in the colors of Sapa, drop themselves on the bed to watch the sunrise from Muong Hoa valley and the sunset at the top of Fansipan Mountain.


Standard rooms are located along the exhibition space of the hotel art & paintings. All rooms have balconies for visitors to welcome clouds over the door frames every early hour or bury themselves in warm blankets around the fireplace and fully enjoy Sapa through pictures composed for each room.


Dorm Cat Cat Galerie d’Art promises that visitors to Sapa, whether on business or on holiday, will be happy. The apartment is in a great position, so tourists can easily visit and enjoy the area’s notable tourist sites.

Sky Villa Luxury

Sky Villa Luxury, located on the top level of Hotel Cat Cat Galerie d’Art, is a magnificent area with warm tones. The living area is divided from the bedroom, and the balcony is large and open, providing panoramic views of the valley and town. A special bathroom with a bathtub is located next to the window overlooking the panoramic view of the mountains and forests of Sapa. During your journey, Sky Villa Luxury will provide you with the greatest experience.

Sky Villa Triple

The Sky Villa Triple consists of 2 bedrooms, a large living room and a large balcony with beautiful mountain and valley views. The rooms are fully equipped with conveniences to provide the full comfort during the stay of the whole family or group of friends.

Sky Villa Double

The Villa Double has 1 large bedroom separate from the living room, fully equipped for a family vacation. The private space, courtyard and balcony with unlimited panoramic views of the Cat Cat Valley, along with the kitchen, living room and wood burning fireplace will provide a wealth of special experiences for guests.

Sky Villa Garden View

Villa Garden View includes a large room space as well as a private balcony. Designer furnishings offers a choice of king or single beds, luxurious sofas, and huge living areas separated from the room. Rooms are furnished in warm hues with hardwood flooring and windows overlooking the garden.

Family Suites

For families with young children or a group of close friends, the family suites are the best option. Warm colors remain in the rooms, which have large, airy balconies overlooking the imposing yet lyrical natural surroundings.

Deluxe Triple

The Deluxe Triple room has two single beds and one double bed. It offers a view of the valley and the mountains. The furniture is made of wood, which creates a luxurious yet intimate space. Large groups, friends and family will appreciate it.


The Cat Cat Gallerie d’Art hotel’s 1618m Gallery space is located in the main lobby, seventh floor, and the restaurant. The 1618m Gallery was created to showcase works of art varying from painting to sculpture to stained glass. From the main hall to the restaurant, visitors will encounter a variety of materials and styles, including oil and acrylic paintings by Vu Thang and Pham Van Thanh, wooden statue by Nguyen Nhu Y, engraved painting by Vu Xuan Anh, and a lacquer painting by Chu Viet Cuong and Nguyen Van Sy.

Visiting the Northwest mountains at the beginning of autumn, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the most beautiful golden terraced fields in Vietnam, as beautiful as a dream in white clouds. For a long time, the mountains of Sa Pa, Y Ty (Lao Cai province) together with Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang province), and […]

“The H’Mong girl seems to love her new, beautiful and colourful hat. Even if her clothes are dirty while playing, the hat is still kept clean and neat on the head.” – Thi Thanh Mai Phan

The chilly feeling of winter begins with Hai Hung Vang’s lacquer painting The Mountains. This former student of the Vietnam University of Fine Art is from the Giay ethnic group, born and raised in Quang Kim, Bat Xat. For Hai Hung, “Painting is life. If writers and journalists tell stories and reflect social issues using […]

Feel a pure Sapa at Cat Cat Galerie d’Art

At Cat Cat Galerie d’Art, the story of pristine Sapa from the Indochina period to the modern and famous place for relax with all the nuances of Spring – Summer – Fall – Winter will be told via artistic language, architecture, cuisine & services which are designed to bring the maximum experience to tourists.