Tsaoko Cellar & Pub is a relaxing place where tourists can explore an important part of the local people’s life via the story of cardamom.

Cardamom – Tsaoko has great value to the Northwestern ethnic minorities living along the Hoang Lien Son mountain range.  It is a popular kind of tree which is planted deep in the old forest on Hoang Lien Son mountain, which brings major economic benefits to ethnic minorities. It’s not only one of the famous spice crops for international export but also has many nutritional values & healing effects.

With the signature wine ingredient distilled from cardamom & various types of cocktail which are created by the bartenders with intense Sapa inspiration such as Cho Tinh, Field Sen Cu, Tsaoko Demon, Tsaoko Angel … Tsaoko is promised to become a destination not to be missed by visitors to Sapa. In the midst of the freezing atmosphere over 4 seasons of Sapa night, there is nothing like enjoying a cup of Tsaoko signature, cocktail or a glass of warm wine in an architectural place inspired by the famous Rick Café in the legendary film Casablanca.