Refund Policy


Each Hotel will have its own regulation of change / cancellation / check-out, Customer should comply with and comply with the Hotel’s change / cancellation / check-out policy. This policy will be specified in the detailed information of the hotel and in the customer’s online reservation. Customers can only change / cancel / check out when they meet the conditions specified in the change / cancel / check policy that the hotel has booked. – In case the customer does not change / cancel / check out successfully and does not check in at the time specified in the online booking, the customer must still pay the full room charge for that reservation.


1. REFUND CONDITIONS – Only applicable to hotels with “Money Back Guarantee” on the hotel’s website. – Only applicable to successful bookings, successful bookings are counted from the time the customer receives a check-in receipt from customer service staff via email; – Complaint information will only be resolved and refunded when the Customer calls or sends email notification within 24 hours from the time of the Customer’s check-in; – For complaints about attached services of the room, it is only applicable to hotel rooms detailed on the hotel’s website. – Customer provides evidence to prove that Customer’s claim is true, correct and well-grounded; 2. REFUND CASES – The hotel does not provide the room or does not provide the correct number of rooms according to the information in the booking that the customer has paid successfully, the hotel commits to refund the room that the hotel cannot provide or not providing enough that the Client paid – The hotel does not provide the correct room class compared with the room in the booking Customer has successfully paid, the Customer will be upgraded by the Hotel free of charge or given a valuable coupon (if any) by with the amount paid by the Customer. 3. COMPLAINT SETTLEMENT AND MONEY REFUND PROCESS FOR CUSTOMERS Complaint resolution process – When the cases mentioned in section 2.2 above arise, customers should call 09.6538.6538 or email The content of the complaint should provide an order code. Complaint information is only resolved by the Hotel when the Customer calls or email responses within 24 hours from the time of the Customer’s check-in. Telephone hotline only available during business hours. – Upon receiving a complaint from the customer, the hotel reserves the right to check the authenticity of the complaint request from the customer. If the Customer does not provide the evidence or the Hotel has reconfirmed and found that the Customer’s notice is incorrect, the Hotel reserves the right to refuse settlement. In the event of a dispute or conflict between related parties, the Hotel’s decision is the final decision to resolve the complaint. Time to resolve complaints of customers is up to 3 working days from the date of receiving complaints.