Tourist spots do not miss when coming to Sapa

Sapa is blessed by nature, bestowed with scenery that not everywhere can be. Possessing captivating natural beauty, wild and rustic beauty but still retaining the typical flavor of mountains and forests.

Sapa is known as the “land of fog”, where there are many tourist attractions that are loved by many tourists. If you are planning to want to come and experience this mountainous land, please refer to some of the addresses below.

Roof of Indochina

Fansipan Peak is the highest mountain in the Hoang Lien Son range. With a height of 3,143m, is the place where all domestic and international tourists want to conquer Mount Fansipan.

Now, conquering the Roof of Indochina has become easier. Instead of walking for 2-3 days, visitors can choose to take the cable car which only takes 15 minutes to reach the destination. One is to take the cable car directly from Fansipan station located in Fansipan Legend KDL, the other is a tourist departing from Sapa station in Muong Hoa valley, the final destination is 3,000m high.

Looking down from above, tourists traveling to Sapa will admire the beautiful natural landscape at a height of thousands of meters. Where there is dense primitive forest, Muong Hoa valley and dangerous roads.

Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village was founded by an ethnic group. It is not difficult to reach this village, only about 2km from Sapa town. Here, visitors will see that people in Cat Cat village still retain the traditional culture of the old people such as: manipulating all kinds of jewelry from silver or copper, weaving brocade. In addition, here they also raise cattle, poultry, cultivate vegetables. All create an interesting destination that many tourists choose to come and visit.

When coming to the village, visitors can easily find and buy brocade products, jewelry, and drink maize wine, a famous specialty here. Moreover, in Cat Cat village there are some more places with beautiful views such as Cat Cat waterfall, Zmong coffee, Gem Valley coffee. Certainly coming here, visitors to Sapa tour will have beautiful pictures.

Sapa ancient church

This church in the center of Sapa town is an ancient, magnificent, mysterious monastery built by the French in the late eighteenth century, this is a mark of the most complete remaining French architecture. Any visitor when seeing it is also surprised because in ancient times there was a work that was both massive and extraordinarily sophisticated.

Ta Phin village

If visitors want to experience the beautiful scenery that captivates the traditional culture of the H’Mong and Dao people, once coming to Ta Phin village, you will definitely not feel disappointed.

Ta Phin village with charming beauty, bold characteristics of the Northwest mountains, including rustic natural scenery such as peach blossoms, plum blossoms, terraced fields along the two sides of the road, or simple rustic beauty. Red Dao girls, that is also the attraction for many tourists coming here.

With the outstanding Sapa tourist attractions above, hopefully it will be a book page full of necessary information. To see it is useful information about beautiful places when having the opportunity to visit the city in the mist on the nearest day.