The terraced fields of canola blossomed for the first time in Sa Pa

Rapeseed flowers were first planted in Lo Lao Chai village, Sa Pa to create a landscape that attracts tourists and protects the heritage of terraced fields.

About a week now, the 5-hectare flower garden, in the middle of the terraced fields at the foot of Hoang Lien mountain, in Lo Lao Chao village, Hoang Lien commune, Sa Pa town began to bloom. This is a flower garden of 5 Hmong households, planted in front of the H’mong Heritage homestay, to create more destinations for tourists to visit and take photos.

The 5-hectare mustard garden is in full bloom on the terraced fields of Sa Pa

The flower garden is located about 4.5 km from the center of Sa Pa town in the direction of Lao Chai, on the right side on provincial road 152..

Ky Duyen (21 years old, Sa Pa) shared, she went to the flower garden to take pictures on the afternoon of February 21. The flowers here are bright yellow, the plants reach about 1.4 m -1.5 m high, spreading straight on the terraced fields forming a beautiful landscape. However, because this is a terraced field, the road is a bit difficult to go.

Giang Thi Tang, a garden owner here, said that after the pictures of the flower garden were shared on social networks for about 4 days, it attracted more than 200 tourists and people to visit and take pictures. “This year is the first year of growing canola but the flowers are very beautiful, so I am very happy and excited. Hopefully this will be a new destination for tourists, so that in the following years more households will plant more flowers in many fields ladder, “she said.

The garden may be in full bloom for about two weeks before it fades. Canola flowers are planted by people in November 2020, according to Sa Pa town’s movement on agricultural and tourism development models. This year’s participating households are supported with seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and instructions on how to plant and take care of plants.

Mr. Vuong Trinh Quoc – Chairman of Sa Pa Town People’s Committee said that this was the first year that canola flowers were piloted in Lo Lao Chai, with the aim of both creating a landscape to attract tourists to increase income for people. , just to protect the heritage of terraced fields. People only grow one rice crop a year, so the fields are often left empty. After the canola flower is planted, the harvested seeds can be used to press the oil. There is no entrance fee applied here, visitors can donate from 20,000 VND to support people taking care of the garden.