Sustainable attraction from “town in the mist” Sa Pa

It is no coincidence that for many consecutive years, the name Sa Pa is constantly mentioned as a bright spot for Vietnamese tourism. Experts say that: In addition to the “godly” advantages, Sa Pa’s smokeless industry is really taking off by high-quality products – forming a value chain capable of holding back and urge visitors to come back to explore … The natural jewel of the Northwest

Perhaps, rare land of the Northwest is favored by nature like Sa Pa. Located at an average altitude of 1500-1800m, “the town in the mist” has a pleasant climate, with shades of temperate land with an average temperature of 15-18 ° C. Therefore, since 1886, the French colonialists focused on building and turning this place into an ideal resort during the hot summer months.

Coming to Sa Pa, visitors are not only “bewildered” by the ancient beauty hidden in the mist, but also be distracted by the walking paths along the picturesque terraced fields. The majestic natural scenery but equally poetic and the unique cultural identity of the community of ethnic groups in the Northwestern region become a special yeast, captivating people’s hearts.

An indispensable advantage for Sa Pa is the weather. This is probably a rare locality in Vietnam with four beautiful and strange seasons. From spring flowers blooming in clouds, cool summers to autumn, rice is fragrant golden and snowy in winter, all four seasons in Sa Pa are worth the experience.

Besides, Sa Pa also owns the “destination of human life” – the legendary Mount Fansipan, which has long been a symbol of the desire to explore and conquer and also a “magnet” to attract tourists. most of the entire Lao Cai province in general.

In the face of the impressive tourism potentials and typical tourism strengths, at the end of 2017, the Prime Minister signed a decision recognizing Sa Pa as a national tourist area, 3 years earlier than expected. .

Currently, Sa Pa is also receiving a large investment with the expressway connecting Hanoi – Lao Cai to Sa Pa worth over 2,500 billion VND, expected to be completed in 2021. This arterial road will help move to “town. Town in the mist ”becomes easier and faster than ever.

New rebound from policy leverage and investment

Possessing the “god-given” advantages, Sa Pa tourism has more opportunities to take off when it receives a series of important “levers” from the development policy of the leaders of Lao Cai province to the key projects from strategic investors.


Through the policy of attracting investment from Lao Cai, many units and businesses have chosen Sa Pa as the destination. As of July 2020, at this national tourist area, there have been more than 30 investment projects in the fields of tourism, tourism infrastructure, commerce, real estate … Some projects were put into use. creating a new thrust for tourism in Sa Pa.

The most prominent is Sun World Fansipan Legend Tourist Area or the first international 5-star hotel Hotel de la Coupole – MGallery of Sun Group. Since it was put into operation, the world’s most modern three-wire cable car system has become a new symbol of Sa Pa, contributing to the realization of the dream of conquering the roof of Indochina by millions of people. And with the emergence of international 5-star hotels, Sa Pa has gradually erased the title of “dust tourist destination”, to become a luxury resort destination, attracting rich customer files.

Not only that, the spiritual architectural complex with a series of festivals and festivals held on a large scale, regularly, with the combination of traditional and modern indigenous cultural elements also create more highlights, making Tourists have more options when coming to the cloudy town. Experts say that: The presence of leading tourism groups in Vietnam with international-class tourism products has brought a new wind, bringing Sapa tourism to quickly “rank up”. .

Mr. Ha Van Thang – Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lao Cai province said: Only in more than 3 years, Sun World Fansipan Legend officially put into operation, tourism in Lao Cai province has made progress. “breakthrough”, maintaining a high growth rate, bringing increasingly large and comprehensive socio-economic efficiency, contributing to the realization of the goal of turning tourism into a key economic sector.

Specifically, according to statistics from the portal of Lao Cai province, in 2016, Sa Pa attracted 1.56 million visitors, in 2018 this number was over 2.4 million. And by 2019, Sa Pa welcomed nearly 3.3 million visitors, accounting for 64% of Lao Cai tourists. By 2020, although heavily affected by COVID-19, Sa Pa still welcomes 1.2 million visitors, mainly domestic tourists. Especially after two stimulus phases in May and October, Sa Pa recorded a sudden increase in tourist arrivals up to 163%.

Not only rising to become the top destination in Vietnam, in recent years, new tourism products have also registered Sa Pa in the international tourism “arenas” with prestigious awards such as: Top 10 points to the world’s most attractive 2019 ranked by British Rough Guide Magazine and US National Geographic Magazine; “The world’s leading cultural tourist destination 2019, 2020”, “The world’s top natural beauty destination 2020” for Sun World Fansipan Legend awarded by World Travel Awards (WTA). Hotel De La Couple – Mgallery was also named by WTA “Hotel with the world’s leading design” and “Hotel of the world’s symbol” for two consecutive years.

Sa Pa is still increasingly attractive, confirming its international position. That is a testament to a methodical, sustainable tourism.