Purple flowers in the field of Ma Tien Thao Sapa blooming

Ma Tien Thao Flower Hill, located in the campus of a cultural tourism work (Sun World Fansipan Legend) is in a beautiful blooming season. With a striking purple color, this place is a very popular destination, especially for young people to have beautiful photos. The flower garden is more than 8 hectares wide, covering a mountain slope in Sa Pa.

To welcome visitors back after the Covid -19 translation, the workers of Sun World Fansipan Legend have spent a lot of effort to invest in renovating the landscape on Sapa.

In addition to the rose garden reaching the record of the largest rose valley in Vietnam, the resort has upgraded and expanded the area of ​​Ma Tien Thao flower field at the station to Muong Hoa with a total area of ​​75,000m2, 5 times higher than the year. 2019.

It is known that this purple flower is known as the herbaceous flower, also known as the herbaceous plant, the herbaceous plant with the scientific name Verbena officinalis is a species of flowering plant in the horsetail family.

The species was first scientifically described in 1753 as a genus of about 250 species of perennial and herbaceous plants. Usually their leaves are opposite, are single, and in many species are fluffy, often dense. Flowers are small, white, pink, purple or blue, with 5 petals, and grow in dense clusters. The majority of the species is native to Canada extending south to southern Chile.

In medicine this type of conditioner is used quite commonly to treat a number of diseases of bruising, burns, itching, and other skin conditions or to relieve symptoms of cold and shortness of breath problems sinus problems and relieve pain associated with arthritis or gout.

Having become the “legendary background” of many tourists over the past year, this year’s flower hill seems to be much more beautiful when the area is wider, the flower planting technique is improved to make the annual flowers outstandingly beautiful, color-coated. enchanting purple, romantic on a mountain slope.

Many young people have come here to enjoy, at the same time take a commemorative checkin on the valley of purple flowers.

The resort also built a wooden house on stilts in accordance with the local architecture, creating an impressive highlight for the flower hill. Scattered on the purple flower carpet are swings, stairs, rustic wooden huts, fancy wooden chairs … to serve visitors to take impressive pictures.

When the afternoon falls, the golden color of the afternoon sun resonates with the purple color of the flower hill, creating a beautiful background, guaranteeing thousands of likes for the photos checked in here.

“I have been to Sapa many times and have always been impressed with the landscape of this place. Sun World Fansipan Legend created, especially this purple flower hill at the back of this mountain.

Vice Chairman of Lao Cai Provincial People’s Committee Hoang Quoc Khanh said that in the coming time, tourism activities in the province will continue to face many difficulties. Therefore, businesses and tourism business units need to continue to unite and unify with the spirit of the best service and the most appropriate cost to attract tourists. The branches of the province will pay attention to the proposals and recommendations of businesses and the Tourism Association to promptly remove difficulties for tourism businesses.

The tourism stimulus program “Summer Sa Pa 2020” is organized to attract tourists to Lao Cai in general and Sapa in particular. The tourism stimulus program “Summer Sa Pa 2020” is a tourism stimulus package that incorporates promotional programs, discounts from 10% – 60% of tickets to tourist attractions, tourist services. , stay, relax, eat … with the best quality, giving visitors exciting summer experiences in Lao Cai.