‘Little Bali’ attracts visitors to check-in in Sa Pa

A photo spot with a model of the Bali sky gate, the goddess of the forest and the Buddha’s hand attracts thousands of visitors.

Opened in February, the Moana check-in point welcomes about 500-700 visitors on weekdays and nearly 1,000 visitors on weekends. This campus was built on a 1-hectare plot of land, with 7 photo spots in the first phase. Among them are the hand statue inspired by the Chinese version; the goddess of the forest in the cartoon Moana; swing; infinity water surface. In addition, the gate with reflective glass, inspired by the Bali sky gate, is also the reason why many tourists call “Little Bali”.

Beneath the statues is tempered glass, planted with chamois and flowers. The mirror image is edited by the photographer to make the eye more eye-catching.

Beneath the statues are tempered glass, planted with ferns and flowers. The mirror image is edited by the photographer to make the eye more eye-catching.


Hoang Trung Hieu, a freelance photographer in Sa Pa, said that the check-in point is currently being interested by many tourists and booking photography services. Because it was newly built and opened, he commented, this place is more elaborate than many previous photo spots of Sa Pa. He assesses the layout in line with the current photography trends. In addition, the surrounding landscape is very beautiful like seeing Muong Hoa valley, cable car … However, this place does not have many trees for shade.

Tourist Hoang Hanh (Hanoi) commented, the check-in point has many beautiful scenes, but not new, there are many statues similar to similar areas in Da Lat. The image is not really eye-catching without editing. This facility serves drinks and costume rental, making it convenient for visitors to visit. However, Hanh had to witness the crowd coming on weekends. During the trip in early March, she saw that Sa Pa had many changes, had more photo spots than the previous visits.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thiep, the investor of the check-in point, said that the scenes here are made from composite plastic or built with bricks, concrete, surrounded by many flowers. “I create photo spots to best serve tourists coming to Sa Pa. Many ideas are not new, but I am as elaborate as possible to create beautiful models no less than the original”, he said.

In the coming time, this place will have more categories such as for visitors to transform into a Moana girl in Disney cartoons. The check-in point is at the end of Violet Street, Sa Pa. The prices to visit are from 80,000 to 180,000 VND, with a mineral water or other drinks in the menu. To prevent Covid-19, the check-in point requires visitors to wear a mask when not taking pictures, and disinfect their hands before entering.