Cherry blossoms bloom early on Sa Pa tea hill

At the end of November this year, in the cold weather, the rows of cherry apricot trees were blossoming pink on the O Long tea hill.

Spring Sac photos arrived early on O Long tea hill by two photographers Bui Xuan Viet (Dong Nai) and Ao Kim Ngoc (HCM City) made during a photo hunt in the highlands of the North.

From the center of Sa Pa, visitors go to the 4D highway (ie the road to Thac Bac or O Quy Ho pass) about 8 km, notice the point of O Quy Ho Kindergarten on the right hand side, looking opposite there is a small turn. left and about 500 meters away is to O Long tea hill.

Cherry plum blossoms spot when the sun rises on the tea hills. The area, managed by a company, has been a popular destination for tourists and photographers for the past few years. In the midst of early winter, the rows of trees blossoming with young leaves and blossoming to create a beautiful scenery like a fairyland.

The high angle is ideal when viewing the panorama of the pink cherry apricot blossom in harmony with the green background of the tea hills. Mr. Viet said cherries are starting to bloom tomorrow, and taking the best photos is taken in the first week of December.

Cherry apricot is a woody plant, often with all its leaves falling around October – November every year, only spindly branches remain. In the midst of the cold, cold weather of the Northwest highlands, the flowers bloom all over the branches and branches, bringing a unique and attractive beauty.

Cherry blossoms here are planted alternately along the aisle between the tea hills. This is also a characteristic of Sa Pa compared to cherry apricot in other localities such as Da Lat, Kon Tum. “Struggling in the cherry apricot garden under the cold a few degrees Celsius to record youthful memories full of vitality and passion for the beautiful natural landscape”, photographer Kim Ngoc shared.

Photographer Xuan Viet commented: “Although we have heard about this unique beauty of tea trees and cherry blossoms, we are still surprised by the poetic, majestic mountains and cannot use words. Which one can fully describe the beauty here “.

Early morning or sunset are two times when it is easy to capture the best frames.

Although the natural scenery is so mesmerizing, O Long tea hills mainly serve the tea harvest, so the company restricts visitors from entering to take pictures. Tourists come here to visit note to keep the general hygiene, not to damage tea beds or break branches, cut flowers, affecting the landscape.

Author Kim Ngoc is lost in the spring paradise. Under the golden rays of sunlight, the young buds of the cherry apricot tree appear brilliantly.

Visitors should take advantage of the last days of November and early December, right when the cherry blossoms bloom and bloom young leaves for the best photos.