Going to Sa Pa to hunt for the ‘sea’ of beautiful floating clouds

Thanks to the cool air and majestic natural beauty, the attachment of Fansipan, Sa Pa, Lao Cai is considered as a place of “heaven and earth”. This is also a tourist destination not to be missed when traveling to Sa Pa. At this time, Mount Fansipan attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world to “hunt clouds”. The sea of floating white clouds embracing Fansipan peak creates a poetic, overwhelmingly beautiful scene.

Standing at the top of Fansipan, visitors can see all four directions, enjoying a sea of white clouds floating stretching to the horizon. The sea of clouds is floating as beautiful as a fairy tale atop Fansipan.

This is considered the time to “hunt” the most beautiful clouds of the year.

The majestic, poetic scenery of the natural scene here makes visitors overwhelmed.

The weather in Fansipan is cool all year round, early in the morning and late afternoon, low temperature, cold weather, cloud-hunting tourists often have to prepare warm clothes.

The “seas” of clouds sometimes roll, sometimes float, creating impressive natural moments.

Visitors can enjoy coffee watching the sea of clouds floating on Fansipan.

The best time to “hunt” clouds is at sunset. At that time, the sun dyed the sea of clouds into a brilliant orange-yellow, and then gradually turned to purple-pink, making the scene picturesque.

Currently, Sa Pa is implementing the second stimulus program called “I Love Sa Pa”. The campaign aims to help increase the number of visitors to Sa Pa to visit and experience after two consecutive “pats” of the epidemic. A series of restaurants, restaurants, sightseeing and accommodation establishments will simultaneously offer discounts, with many attractive policies. (Photo: H. Ha) Traveling to Sapa, hunt for the ‘sea’ of beautiful and beautiful floating clouds on the top of Fansipan

According to the director of Sun World Fansipan Legend Nguyen Xuan Chien, compared with the previous stimulus phase, the stimulus program “I Love Sa Pa” has better preparation, is more organized, so there are also more more positive signal. “Right in the first week of opening, we welcomed half the number of visitors from the peak of the first stimulus, which had previously taken at least 4-5 weeks to achieve. We hope the disease will be controlled and Sa Pa will recover quickly in the near future ”.