Sapa love market, discover unique culture

Sapa Love Market is a unique cultural feature in Lao Cai that attracts not only domestic but also foreign tourists. Unlike Khau Vai love market (Ha Giang), Moc Chau (Son La) love market is held once a year, Sapa love market takes place more often on Saturday evenings. Now let’s learn the features of Sapa love market through the following article!

Sapa love market – where love begins

Sapa love market is beautiful in the daily life of the highland people of Sa Pa

It is said that Sa Pa love market has the oldest origin, but no one knows when this love market started being held. Just heard from the people that, previously, the market in Sapa only held one session a week on Saturday, people from all over the remote villages came here to meet, but when the market was over, it was late afternoon, people could not go to the forest. go home. Therefore, all old and young girls and boys go to the market to gather around the pants, gradually becoming a custom, a habit, and then the fair becomes a place where young men and women learn and date.

Khmer sound and special dances in the night of Sa Pa love market

Since then, the weekend in this small town of Sapa is always bustling with the love of the village boys, the mesmerizing dances of the upland girls, the dress is ruffled. radiantly. Visitors coming to Sapa on the weekends will be able to hear firsthand about the rustic love, seeing with their own eyes the faces that are full of anxiety and suspense.

Not only love market is to make ends meet, this is also a place for people to enjoy cultural activities, exchange goods, as well as tighten brotherhood relations. Sa Pa Love Market is not only a place for beautiful men and women to find a mate, but also a special traditional festival of Sa Pa tourist destination.

Female painted girls wear dresses to go to Sa Pa’s love market – a famous tourist destination in Sa Pa

Sa Pa love market is a market of the Dao from ancient to present. Every Saturday afternoon, down the street and in the old stone church district, there are many women wrapped in red scarf and in colorful floral embroidery outfits with silver rings, silver buttons, and small coins. lovely shirt shoulders. More intriguing are the shouts following each step from the very small, beautiful copper rattles attached to the shawls.

The target girls are targeting are Dao boys wearing indigo shirts, towels of the same color, watch hands and cattsette shoulders. In another corner, a few boys gathered around a girl, they brought their cattsette near the girl to record love songs in the ethnic language to confess and give souvenirs. The girl who is not satisfied then runs away from the gift and is held by her hand, a movement called “pulling” – it is a characteristic expression for a fierce confession. Until the time “like the belly” is satisfied by a guy, the girl will put on his hand an engagement that can be a ring, a bracelet or a comb.

Then the crowd will disband, then the girl will return to the girlfriends and after the quiet is back 2, 3 girls will take her to “send” to the man she chose. Then where the couple brought each other, only the other stir-fried Samu would know … Just meeting each other through a love market can be said to be a love “at first sight”, but it brings couples to become wives. husband together forever.

Two words “Cho love” has entered the understanding of people in the lowlands according to a category of marriage, love. Love market is a place for dating, sending feelings, love gestures take place in the market according to customs and customs depending on the locality.

Sa Pa love market, unique cultural and customs features of the Red Dao people

The H’mong and the Dao people in the neighboring villages all come to play at the Sa Pa love market. Looking away from the old trees fades away, evoking a feeling of pink. The imported red colors blurred like burning fire from the Dao women’s headscarves and the opaque colors from the hem of the Mong girls’ skirts fluttered like butterflies with each beat.

Couples indulging in the romantic Sa Pa love market

Love market is a cultural beauty unique to ethnic minorities, come to Sapa love market, you should try once to attend the love market to have an unforgettable experience and learn the culture of the region.